Harley Investments Group

Harley Investments

Harley Investments Ltd are a unique investment brokerage which specialise in research and deliver of some of the best alternative investment projects worldwide.

With an team pulled together that affords the knowledge and the skill set to identify key opportunities in both traditional and emerging markets, they continually strive to be ahead of the trend, yet without compromising on due diligence or risk assessment. To ensure all investors are happy with the growth they are achieving on a yearly basis.

With current projects including residential, commercial developments, cemeteries and car parks, Harley are putting together a strong portfolio of performing projects, which is a great position for and new or current investor. Having this diversity allows choice and options for any client as Harley are not sales agents for just one product.

Their clients gain the advantage of the earliest entry point to a growth sector or project, which in turn leads to the assurance that they are best placed to maximise profitability.

Harley have a multi disciplined and highly successful senior management team with experience across the investment spectrum. Harley Wealth is just one of the businesses Harley Investments operate. with this arm of the business specialising in residential and commercial redevelopment.